Felt and Metal Earring Class


Yesterday morning I was searching for bike baskets (some that could carry Rocker), only to go to the super-store and see this shirt.  I think it's a sign.  Do they make doggie bike helmets?

There's still time to sign up for this class (taught by me, the crazy dog lady).  It's a little bit felting and a little bit metalworking.  You will learn lots of neat techniques that you can use however you like.  It takes place next Monday and adventurous beginners are welcome!  Here are the details and feel free to message me with questions.  

I'm off to the Girl Cave.  That's what I called our studio when we moved in because we can have as much girly stuff as we want!  Yes girls, heaps of ribbon and beads, baskets full of buttons and racks full of colorful paint.  Dark chocolate truffles stashed in the cupboards.  You'd love it.  My studio-mate came up with Jewels and Tools and the guy at the paint store calls it the Lady Lair.  We have fun.  My work table is packed with funky beads for a special project.  Thousands of beads and more about that later.  I hope to see you in class on Monday!  XO.

Felted Purse


This is a little pocket purse I made years ago.  I felted objects between the layers of wool—a bottle-cap and piece of stainless mesh.  It was pretty plain, so I added some red stitching around the edge…..

some dangling jewelry elements….

Photo-12 1

a ribbon and button tie closure…..

And donated it to the Women's Clubhouse fundraiser here in town.

The thing I learned is that we really do get better with age.  Surfaces become richer and the tiny details become more important.

Felting Workshop

Candie Cooper - Wet Felting 2 001

I started felting back in 2004 focusing mainly on jewelry.  However, the past two Monday nights I've been teaching how to make a flat fiber collage using wool, water, soap and some found materials.  The workshops were at the Honeywell Center.  It's been a blast and the class participants have been awesome!  I heard so many of them say, "this is fun!"  It is fun to make sudsy messes and end up with art.  More playing equals less stress—all you have to do is find the time, right?


I brought in a bag of wool in all different colors.  I loved watching people hunt and peck through it.


The next step is to lay out your wool design.  It's really an easy project.  Last year I taught around 700 kids, ages 3rd grade through high school, how to felt through my artist in residency programs at the Honeywell Center.  We talked about what an ancient process it is and how they found felt on mummies and such.  Kids love it.

Candie Cooper - Wet Felt 017

I added a little warm water and soap and away they went agitating…









LAUGH with your friends, new and old, while you create….and then go home.  It makes me happy to see them happy!