How to Set Up an Art Fair Tent

Art Fair Tent Ideas 4Once or twice a year I sell my jewelry at an event locally.  This time it was the Charley Creek Arts Fest.  If I did this every weekend the pictures would look differently.  I’m positive! Starting with simpler furniture and displays.  However, since I only do this once every blue moon, my sister and I drag everything but the kitchen sink with us because we like stuff and we want it to look like a real live boutique.  In other words…we play shop.

Art Fair Tent Ideas 5I’ll try to point out some things that have really worked for us.

The first:  screens hung with fishing line!  We staple gun screen into everything from old cabinet doors to picture frames.  Use ornament hooks to connect necklaces or carded earrings to the screens easily.

Zip ties.  Use zip ties to hang things easily (see white boxes hanging on back side walls).  Art Fair Tent Ideas 2Third, make a garland.  The past two years my friend has made a fun garland for me to hang from the cross bars in the booth.  For some reason it makes the ceiling feel higher.

Another fun element:  RUGS!  I started putting rugs in my booth years ago to cover the ugly pavement or patted down grass.  They are so welcoming, I think.Art Fair Tent Ideas 4Then fill it with fluff:  white washed ladders, some plants, postcards and business cards, and seating.  The past two years, I’ve added a big jug of peppermint iced tea to keep folks cool and refreshed (and hydrated!  see the chalk sign on the pavement?).  It’s an easy treat!  Here’s a look at last year’s booth:2013 Candie Cooper art fair tentMore pennants hanging from above!  A tower of sea shells filled with earrings.  The white shells really show off the colorful elements in the earrings.Art Fair Tent Ideas 3A plant hanger turned upside down for a butterfly chandelier.

Twine.  We love twine!  You’ve got to have twine.Art Fair Tent IdeasAnd last year I was trying to think of something other than a rug because we were in the grass and came up with straw.  It worked great!  Especially since it had been raining.

You also need a cool older sister that puts up with all your bossin’ around.  She can also decorate.  Plus she’s sweet which makes her a triple threat!