Beginner Jewelry Project

DIY Fringe Necklace from Candie Cooper

Chevron Fringe PendantMy husband got me an amazing new camera for my birthday.  He even called Amy at Mod Podge Rocks to see what to get.  How sweet is that?  My birthday is in May and I only recently picked it up (I think the owl button bracelet was my first post with it).  It’s big.  It’s powerful.  There are a lot of dials and buttons.  It’s a Nikon d5200.  I have NO idea how to use it.  So, bear with me as I fumble through getting to know this mega machine.Chevron Fringe Necklace IdeaSee this picture?  It looked great on the mini screen of the camera.   Then, I pull it up and……..Oh.  Hello, blurry pendant.  But!  I really loved the shot with the old brick and brick so I’m documenting it.  Someday when I’m taking fabulously focused pictures, I’ll look back at my humble beginnings and say: Candice, you’ve come a long way baby.

Ha.  My hubs just walked in and said, “that looks nice, honey.”  Love is blind.  I love that guy.

Fringe Necklace from Candie CooperBetter.

Much better (and a lucky shot).

Want to make this necklace?

You might think I strung all the seed beads onto head pins, but I didn’t.  This is actually a very cute pendant from Plaid’s Sea Sparkle line.

I connected each end of the pendant to a piece of chain with a jump ring and finished the end with a little lobster clasp (also connected with jump rings.  It took me about 5 minutes.  Maybe.

This is an especially great project for beginner jewelry makers such as tweens or your friend that wants to make a piece of jewelry with you.  All you need to know is how to open and close a jump ring and you can make the hole thing.  Jump rings are simply round rings with an opening so you can connect all the components together.  You can see opening a jump ring in this tutorial.

Keeping it simple today.  I hope you have a good one!


Sea Sparkle components at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts.