Earring Making Tutorial

Earringology by Candie CooperI’m so proud to say that Earringology is officially available!  To celebrate, I’ve got a quick earring tutorial for you today!Jewelry Making Berry DIY Earring Tutorial from CandieCooper.comMy Aunt Jane has been talking about picking berries.  I want some.  Right now.  I can eat them like popcorn annnnd I usually pay for it later, but they’re so worth it!  Do you have any favorite berry recipes?

Oh Summer, please stick around for as long as you can.

These beads make me think of berries.  That’s why all the berry talk.  Sorry.

The berry beads and chain are from JesseJamesBeads.com and the remaining findings are from Beadalon.  The thing I love about this design is that they are light and dangly with just the right amount of sparkle.

Ok, enough rambling…let’s do this!Jewelry Making Pliers SetI use Beadalon Ergo pliers.  Have for years!  I’m a loyal dog.  You can find a set of pliers that feel comfy to you.String the beadString the bead onto the decorative head pin wire and finish with a wrapped loop following the pictures.Wrap the wire around the top of the pliersMake a 90 degree bend at the end of the wire.  Grasp the wire with the round nose pliers next to the bead.  Ding! Move to the next picture.Wrap the wire over the top of the pliers and around the top of the beadRemember those tapes and story books?  Or were they film strips?  Maybe both.  Anyway!  Wrap the wire up and over the top of the round nose pliers.  This will form the loop nicely.Wrap the excess wire around the base of the loopNow, wrap the extra wire around the base of the loop as many times as you can or like.Trim away the excess wireDoes it look kind of like this?  Good deal!Trim away the wireTrim the excess wire (even though the picture before said that already).  Did I mention you need to trim that wire?Connect the chain to the ring and bead dangleOpen a jump ring with chain nose pliers and connect the chain to the ring and then…. (ding)Connect the ring and the bead danglethe berry dangle.Chain and bead connected with jump ringClose the ring.  At this point, you can decide how long you want the chain section and trim it to that length.  I left mine about 1.5″ long because this pair of earrings is ready to party!How to open a jump ringOpen another jump ring and connect to the opposite end of the chain.Connect the ear wireThen attach the ear wire to the jump ring.How to close a jump ringAnd close the ring!  Easy peasy!Earring Tutorial via CandieCooper.comOn that note, I’ve gotta run.  My to-do list is calling my name.  Back to school craft projects are at the top of the list.  Already??  I know.

Have a great day!  And let me know if you decide to take a peek at Earringology.  I care what you think of it! <3Earringology by Candie Cooper


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