Online Jewelry Making Class

Candie Cooper Jewelry Online ClassHo! Ho! Ho!  Give the gift of craftiness this year to someone you love!  Craftsy has a ton of fun classes (some even FREE!). They also got me to teach a class on Beading with Wire, Chain, and Leather.  I had a ton of fun filming this class out in Colorado this past year.  The students in the class are incredible too.  They share pictures of their projects, questions, and comments all on the class platform.  It’s fun to be in the Craftsy community for sure.  I read this year in The Happiness Project that learning something new can contribute to your happiness.  Believe it or not I found this to be true after taking golf lessons (which I stink at, but still!).  Learning something new helps to get you out of that day to day, routine thinking rut that I can slip in so easily.  Thanks Craftsy for having a fun site where all of us can learn something new.