Geode Necklace Tutorial

This post brought to you by Beadalon.Hammered Bail TutorialThe dog days of summer are here.  Barefoot, I walked outside this evening to get something out of my car and the pavement was still plenty warm.  Visits to the farmer’s market and dinners of garden veggies.  Yes, this is summer.

Poking around on the internet, I’m still seeing plenty of boho style.  That’s what I do–look at fall fashions, dreaming of scarves with fringe and ankle boots.  In reality it’s so hot you want to sit around in your underpants.  I like to layer clothing and the sweltering summer temps don’t care.
Geode Pendant tutorialToday I’m serving up some boho pendants using agate slices.  These go together in seconds.  Let’s celebrate Beadalon’s new 21 g. flat Artistic wire.
Jewelry Making Beadalon Artistic Wire PendantBeadalon also has a new small hole punch tool (on the left).  Hole punches make my heart flutter if you can’t tell from this last post.
Jewelry Making  How to Make a Wire BailYou can eyeball the length you want your wire or you can measure.  Either way this flat wire cuts easily with wire cutters.
Easy wire worked bailUse a file to knock off the corners so it’s not sharp.
Jewelry Making Hammered wire bail with Artistic WireHammer the wire piece on a steel block and the round end of the hammer to add a planished texture.
How to make a wire bailThis is a cool jump ring mandrel.  Use it for forming jump rings (not just a clever name), ear wires, wire wrapping or to bend this bail piece.
How to make a wire bail with Beadalon flat Artistic WirePunch a hole with the metal hole punch (psst…you can use it on leather too!).  Again, I’m eye-balling all of this.  Don’t tell my boss.
Jewelry Making Riveting the bail to a geodeUse a micro bolt to hold the agate slice in the bail.
DIY Jewelry Making  Wire BailTwist the nut onto the bolt.
Micro Bolt for Jewelry MakingThis is obviously too long so cut it, leaving about 1mm above the nut.
How to Make a Metal Bail Secure the rivetCAREFULLY hammer the cut end to create a rivet head so the nut can’t come off.  Take care to protect your eyes should you accidently hit the agate slice.  That would be bad.  Real bad.
Hammered Bail tutorial on Candie Cooper blogString it onto a leather strap.  String it on a chain.  With beads.  Without beads.
Make a wire bail
Geode Pendant tutorial


Artistic wire for bail

Hole punch tool

Jump ring mandrel

Making Halloween Jewelry Crafts with Kids

Halloween Jewelry Making with KidsFor First Friday at the Wabash White House (our little gallery in town), we host children’s creative make and takes and activities.  One of the things we did this month is an easy kids halloween craft making skull necklaces.  I thought you might want to make your own!
Quick DIY Skull Necklace from CandieCooper.comYou’ll need some skull beads, 20g. Artistic Wire, Jesse James Beads, pre-made ribbon necklaces or cord, a hammer and steel block, and some basic jewelry making pliers.
Jewelry making stationWhen working with kids, I like to keep things pretty tidy and organzied so it’s easy to see what we are doing.  Is it me, or are these beads, good enough to eat?!
Skull beadsI buy skull beads at bead markets/festivals, but you can find them in Etsy shops and sometimes in the craft stores.
Hammering wire for jewelry makingUse round nose pliers to twirl the end of the wire around in a spiral.  Hammer the spiral so it stays nice and rigid.
Easy Jewelry Making for Halloween!String your beads!
Jewelry Making Wire wrapped loopFinish the end of the wire with a wrapped loop, attaching it to the ribbon before closing up the loop.  Pipe cleaners would also work for necklace making.  That could be really fun!
Jewelry Making Halloween Kids Craft Idea!Here’s a closer peek at the tools I used.  Top: wire cutters.  Middle: round nose pliers.  Bottom:  Chain nose pliers.

Check out these cute examples that some of our guests made that night!

Easy Halloween Jewelry Making with Kidsphoto 2-3