Banana Muffin Top Cookies

Banana Cookies
This is officially the Banana Blog.  Not really, but I feel like every other recipe posted here is all banana-y.  Anywho, I had a couple of bananas going brown and instead of bread I searched and found this recipe:  Banana Muffin Top cookies.  Soft and spicy, we love them.  I added a little honey to the recipe because I was just shy the one cup of banana.  Of course, my hunkie boyfriend has to hit them with the microwave and a touch of "spray butter."  Each time he offers me some and each time I say, "my dad said to stay away from the chemicals."  Sorry to all you spray buttah lovahs.  They were photographed on my kitchen table in the bag because I would've eaten 4 had I opened it.  I knew you'd understand.  If you love banana bread, get on it!