Banana Muffin Top Cookies

Banana Cookies
This is officially the Banana Blog.  Not really, but I feel like every other recipe posted here is all banana-y.  Anywho, I had a couple of bananas going brown and instead of bread I searched and found this recipe:  Banana Muffin Top cookies.  Soft and spicy, we love them.  I added a little honey to the recipe because I was just shy the one cup of banana.  Of course, my hunkie boyfriend has to hit them with the microwave and a touch of "spray butter."  Each time he offers me some and each time I say, "my dad said to stay away from the chemicals."  Sorry to all you spray buttah lovahs.  They were photographed on my kitchen table in the bag because I would've eaten 4 had I opened it.  I knew you'd understand.  If you love banana bread, get on it!


  1. Will definitely check out the recipe, we always have left over bananas and we all sick of the same banana bread!

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