Making a Holiday SWAG

A Holiday SWAG is an easy way to dress up your home this holiday. Using only a few supplies and your creativity you can make something beautiful.

How to make a holiday SWAG

SWAG Materials:

  • Bundle of trimmings
  • 18 Gauge Artistic Wire
  • String (used to hang the finished piece)
  • Embellishments (bells, ornaments, etc.)
  • Ribbon/Bow
  • Wreath Hanger

How to Make a Holiday SWAG:

To get started you will need to collect your materials. Trimmings can be found in your own backyard or can be purchased from locations that sell Christmas Trees. The size of your bundle will be determined by where you will hang it.

Take into consideration how full you want the SWAG to look as well as the length it should be. You can do some trimming to shape it up once you are finished.

Holding the bunch together can be tricky. Use another person for help or lay your SWAG on the ground to get the look you want. Using 18 gauge artistic wire wrap the tops of your bundle together. Be sure you hold the bundle at the top to make sure that the wire is wrapped tight enough and it won’t fall apart.

How to make a Holiday SWAG

Picking embellishments for your SWAG is my favorite part. Try using bells, ornaments, ribbon, the possibilities are endless. I secure my embellishments using the artistic wire.

How to make a Holiday SWAG

Once you have added your decorations you will then finish your SWAG with a bow. This could be pre made or you can make one yourself with ribbon of your choice. Be sure to cover the wire wrapping you did with the bow, it will give the SWAG a more polished look.

How to make a Holiday SWAG

Once you have added the final touches you will use your string or rope to tie a loop on your SWAG. Use the loop to hang the SWAG to your door with a wreath hanger. Enjoy your holiday!

How to make a Holiday SWAG

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