Stringing Beads-The Basics

When it comes to stringing beads the most important thing is the stringing material. This is determined by what you are stringing and what you want the finished piece to look like.

Stringing Beads-The Basics

The two most common materials to string beads with is elastic and stringing wire. Let’s talk about when to use both of these.

Stretch Bracelet Stringing Material:

My favorite stretch material is Elasticity by Beadalon. My Elasticity of choice is the 1mm version, it is strong yet fits most beads.

Elasticity by Beadalon

When starting your project you should pre stretch your elasticity to get rid of wiggle room. Once you have strung your beads you will tie a square knot to finish it. There are instructions on the back of the packaging that tell you how to tie off your project if you prefer that method.

Be sure to check the knot that it doesn’t come out, pulling it gently to test it. Use E6000 on the knot, applying with a toothpick to get it in the right spot. Allow the glue to dry and then test it again.

Only once the glue is dry will you trim the ends. Leave a little tail that you can tuck into the beads for some extra security.

Bead Stringing Wire:

Bead stringing wire comes in many colors and diameters. Take into consideration what beads that you are going to be using.

Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire

If you will be using stone or heavy or abrasive beads you will want to use something that has a thicker diameter, like .024mm diameter. I always prefer to us a 49 strand option. This is the most flexible and a stronger stringing wire. If you don’t have stringing wire that is the right diameter (thickness) you can double up a thinner option to get the same results.

Try using a diameter that will fill most of the hole in the bead that you are using. This will cut down on the rubbing of the bead and the wire and allow it to last long.

It is important to remember that bead stringing wire is not the same as artistic wire. Artistic wire (hard wire) comes in gauges not mm and is not flexible. Artistic wire is used for wire wrapping, not for making strung bead jewelry.

Learn More about Bead Stringing Wire:

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Stringing Beads Video Tutorial:

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