Making a Concho Pendant with Sizzix Die Cutters

In this tutorial I will show you how to use the Concho dies for the Sizzix Jewelry Studio Tool. We will make  a trendy concho pendant necklace with a tassel.

How to make a concho pendant necklace with the Sizzix Jewelry Studio Tool

Concho Pendant Materials:

For this project there are a few materials that you will need that will not be in the jewelry section of the craft store but just a few rows over.


Making your Concho Pendant:

To get started you will take your piece of leather that will be for the base and using the largest concho die you will cut the first piece. Follow this with using the next two smaller pieces in the set to make the three layers of the pendant. I decided to use three different colors of leather for my project.

Be sure to put the magnetic side of the die down on the shuttle. If you put it on the wrong way you will ruin your die. Remember to put the front facing side of the leather down towards the die to get the best cut.

Cutting the base layer

To give a little more texture and depth I am using craft paint to lightly brush paint over the leather. This does not have to be perfectly painted, this is the base layer of your pendant and not all of it will be seen.Painting leatherAnother option that you have it to take a stamp that you like and impress part of it onto your leather. This will add another layer of visual texture.

Stamping on LeatherAfter all three layers are cut and painted or stamped as you like them you will need to put them together. I am using a rivet set to hold the three layers together. Before you can set your rivet you will need to punch a hole through the middle of the leather pieces.

Put all three layers together and punch at the same time. This will allow you to line up the holes so that they sit the way that you want. If you don’t feel comfortable with that start with the first layer, the one on the front, and punch that first. Lay that layer on top of the next and punch through the same hole.

Punching hole in leatherTo use a rivet set bring the base of the rivet through your stack. Place the top portion of the rivet on top. Connecting leather layersTo set your rivet you will use a chasing hammer and bench block. Tap a few times until the rivet is secure. Don’t hit too hard or you could distort your rivet.

Setting rivet

To attach your tassel and chain you will need to punch more holes. These holes will likely be smaller than what you did for your rivet. Your holes in your leather should be slightly larger than the jump ring that you will be using to allow for some movement.

Punching hole in leatherAttach your tassel and chain using a chain noes plier. Be sure to twist open your jump rings, do not open them in a ‘C’ fashion or you won’t get it back together in a perfect circle.Connecting tasselFee free to add some extra detail to your pendant with your craft paint. The choices are endless with how to embellish your pendant more.

Painting on leatherTurning your pendant into a pin is very easy. All you would need to do is get a pin back and cover it with another smaller piece from the concho die set.

Adding a pin back to your pendant Adding a pin back to your pendant Concho Die Pendant Necklace with Tassel

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  1. Love the afternoons learning, enjoying the company of everyone else who tunes in also. Your joy and your humor is a nice break in the day! The the whole boho chic way you style your jewelry also the materials are from all realms but they work together! We all want to have your smile and outlook! These are hard times for most of us and we love to find the joy you share with us! Thanks Candie! To all the girls who help you out who also help us out ( Katelyn !) Thank you all too!✌️♊️ Always, Maggie (Mimi Pitts)

  2. Melissa Schsuter says

    I’m in love with this die set and how Candie designs these as broaches or pendants!!!! I just made myself a “purse charm” but it can convert into a pendant as well!! So universal!! Beautiful work Candie…as usual!!! Thanks for always inspiring me and giving me something to look forward to, every-single-day! You’re my crafting angel. Xoxo

  3. Jamila Nwokorie says

    Love the idea of making the pendant a pin/brooch! I literally have like 50 pin backs and i was like…. what’s a girl to do with these?! Now I have inspiration!! Thanks! And thanks for the tutorial!! Be well!

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