Crystal and Beadalon Flat Memory Wire

Beadalon Flat Memory Wire BraceletReading through your messages on Facebook there are often questions about Beadalon memory wire. I thought that I would put together a little project for you to try with Beadalon’s FLAT memory wire.

*I do work for Beadalon and they sponsor some of my posts. All opinions are my own*

Before getting started using memory wire you must know that you will need to use a few different tools then what you have in your standard set. Because the wire is so hard in memory wire, which allows it to keep its shape, you will need memory wire shears to cut it. If you don’t use the correct cutting tool you will ruin your regular cutters. Another tool that you will need are memory wire finishing pliers. These are needed to roll back the ends to keep your embellishments from falling off.

Flat memory wire braceletThere are many different ways that you can embellish your memory wire to make a bracelet. Most of the time I string beads, sometimes I add leather, and today I am suggesting using round cup findings. For this bracelet I am showing using crystals in the round cup findings but you could really use anything that will sit into the finding and can fold the tabs over.

Flat Memory wire braceletWhen picking crystals for this project you want to make sure that the size matches the cup finding. Crystals come in a flat back option and a pointed back, either is fine for this project. To close the cup findings you can use a flat nose pliers or you can get a prong push over tool. Use what you are most comfortable with so that you don’t scratch your crystals.

Flat Memory wire braceletFor this quick project you will set your crystals and then string them onto the wire. The flat memory wire allows them to sit better and not slide around as you wear them. Play around with putting other beads, fabric, leather or even wire wrapping between the crystals.

flat memory wire braceletCrystal and Beadalon Flat Memory Wire Bracelet Materials:


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