How to Make Eye Pin Loops

Making simple loop eye pinsOne of the jewelry supplies you might have are eye pin wires. You can purchase these in different colors and lengths or you could make your own. Today I want to share with you how to make your own simple loop eye pin wires for your next project.

Eye pinsEye pins are a long wire with a loop on the end. Eye pins are used in jewelry making to attach something to both ends of your beads. If you are just hanging a pendant or dangle from your piece and are not going to connect anything to the other side you could just use a headpin.

By making your own eye pin you are able to customize the loop size, length of the wire, and wire gauge. This allows you to have a truly custom piece that will be strong and sturdy built with the right tools.

eye pin supplies

Eye Pin Wire Materials:

Round Nose Pliers vs. Bail Making Pliers:

Looking at the materials list you will see that I have listed round nose pliers OR bail making pliers. This is a choice that you will need to make. Eye pins can be made using either plier, if you are new to wire working you may find the bail making pliers easier. Round nose pliers have a taper to them making them thicker at the base and becoming thinner as you go towards the tip. This allows you to have many options for sizing but when you need to make many of the same size it can get a little tricky.

making eye pinsUsing a bail making plier takes away the guesswork of getting the loop size consistent. A bail making plier is the same diameter the entire length of the jaw. While a chain nose plier will give you the option to make many different sized loops bail making pliers come in two sizes.

Making eye pinsBe sure to watch the video tutorial below for additional tips on making your own custom eye pin wires for your next project.

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