Trendy Wood Pendant with Sizzix

Right now I have seen a lot of wood trending in the fashion world. I have had the idea to use wood in my Jewelry since my mom got a necklace with a crystal piece and wood backing. I knew I create a similar custom piece for myself. Anyone can make a wood pendant necklace. You don’t need a lot of tools to make one for yourself. Today I am going to show you how.

For this project I will be using my Sizzix machine to cut out the wood and leather to make my piece. I will also be using a Sizzix finding from Jill McKay. Here is a list of the supplies that you will need for today’s project.

Supplies for Wood Pendant Necklace:

Wood Venere is not a cheep jewelry making item but it gives suck a dramatic look that people will want to know what you are wearing. You can purchase wood veneer online on Amazon or through a store like LillyPilly. The veneer that I purchased through LillyPilly has been embossed to give another layer of texture.

To start off this project you will need to pick the piece of wood that you want to cut. By putting the ‘pretty’ side down you will ensure that you get a clean cut and that your piece will fit into the finding in the right orientation. TIP: If you are finding it hard to cut the wood with the Sizzix machine try making the wood damp with a spray bottle.

Because the finding is deep I decided to use some chipboard to bring up the base layer, without wasting my good materials. For this project I used E6000 as my bonding material. DO NOT use super glue in this project. E6000 will not tarnish the finding over time. Since we are using crystals as the embellishment you will not want to use super glue. If the glue would get onto the crystal it would frost it. Adding layers to the finding will help give the piece more dimension and interest. I will be using the wood veneer along with scraps of leather.

Finishing off the piece I used vintage earrings that I removed the clip on back from. When you remove the back of an earring, or any piece that has crystals, you want to be carful not to put too much stress on the crystal. If there is too much stress you run the risk of the crystal falling out. If you use something that has a recognizable motif you will want to make sure that it points the right direction when the pendant is hanging. This might be different then how you have it laying on your work surface. In order for there to be a strong bond between your layers you could use a cloth spin to hold it together until the glue sets.

Watch the Facebook Live video below to see step-by-step how I constructed this project. Join me most week days (unless I am traveling) at 2:30pm on my Facebook page to see a new project. See you online.


  1. Great show today… I’m new to your blog , not to your art of which I love! Glad I found you. Next how to get in touch ! Lol. I will happen! Have a great day!


    Hi! I was going through your blogs and read through the Sizzix one because I am giving some thought to getting one for me and my son to share. Can you suggest which would be a good one to get? He and I will working with metal and leather mostly (to start anyway!) Truly appreciate your advice.

  3. Thanks! Love the ideas!

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