Let’s Make a Ring: Beadalon Flat Artistic Wire Ring

Today I will show you how to make a cute ring made with Beadalon Flat Artistic Wire. There are very few tools required for this ring and you don’t have to have a lot of wire working experience to make it. Anyone can make this project and have a great ring to wear in about 30 minutes or less. Let’s get started on our own Flat Artistic Wire Ring.

Read below to see the supplies and steps to create this tab ring. You can also watch the FaceBook live video that I hosted about this project for a step-by-step tutorial.

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Flat Artistic Wire RingTo get started on our Flat Artistic Wire Ring you will need to know the size of the ring you want to make. We start by cutting a piece of our Beadalon Flat Artistic Wire to length. For this project we will be using the thinner (3mm) of the two options of wire. You can choose any color that you like that will fit your piece.

Flat Artistic Wire RingYou want to make sure that your wire piece is long enough, you can always cut it shorter. The length of the wire should be enough to get the ring size that you want plus enough to meet in the center and fold over the focal bead you are using. In this case I will be using a carnelian donut as my focal bead. (If you are interested in the exact focal bead that I use in the video you can purchase them by sending me a message on Facebook)Flat Artistic Wire RingOnce you have made your cut you will notice that the edges are very sharp. In order to smooth these out you will need to use a file. Metal files will work great but you can also use a nail file if you don’t have a metal file on hand. File the corners just enough to keep them from poking you while wearing the ring.Flat Artistic Wire Ring

After you have finished filing you are ready to add your focal bead. In this case I am using the Carnelian Donut piece and putting an old coin on top. I made a ring without the coin and thought that it needed a little something extra for texture. If you don’t have any coins (which you can purchase from me by sending me a message on Facebook) you could also use a brass washer. Before putting a brass washer on my Flat Artistic Wire ring I would distress it with a chasing hammer.

Flat Artistic Wire Ring

Just layer the pieces on top of each other and fold over the wire tabs. If you do use a coin or a washer you can push the wire over without any extra tools. With the whole on the coin, made by my aviation punch, is smaller than the one in the Carnelian donut all of the pressure will be on the coin. This ensures me that the donut will not crack from the pressure. Once you are done make sure that there are no sharp edges. If there are file them. If you are going to file the wire once the ring is together I suggest using some painters tape to protect the surface.

Flat Artistic Wire Ring

Be sure to use caution if you are using a piece that is easy to crack such as something with enamel when folding over your tabs. Like in my first ring you could use your bail making pliers to round over the tabs vs. just folding them over like I did with the coin ring.

After you finish your ring you can watch the other tutorial I did with the Beadalon Flat Artistic wire and a Carnelian Donut to make a pendant.Flat Artistic Wire Ring and Pendant

I hope you found lots of inspiration through this tutorial. Be sure to post a picture on my Facebook page if you make something after watching this video. Join me LIVE most weekdays (when I am not traveling) for a new project. See you online!

Flat Artistic Wire Ring (Tab Ring):

Flat Artistic Wire Pendant:


  1. This is a very good idea doing this sorte ring it’s easy to realise and love your video as well…..

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