These Boots Were Made for Embellishing

Over the past few days I have been showing you what I am working on for the CHA runway. Today I am showing you more of the boots that I have been working on. All I can say is that the more I work on these boots the more I see that these boots were made for embellishing.

The boots that I am using in this project only cost me $12 at the local thrift store. This is proof that you can take old things and make them new again. Sizzix is a sponsor of the CHA Style Show and they asked me to outfit one of the girls that will be walking down the runway. I made a pin for a jean jacket and a bag for her to carry and these boots are going to finish off the look.

I started by cutting out different leather pieces using my Sizzix machine. To keep the pieces together I am using compression rivets and super glue. Tandy Leather Factory is my go to place to get leather supplies and rivets. When working with compression rivets you can use a rivet setter to put them together but in this case I am using my chasing hammer and small bench block.

To finish off the look of my boots I am using some leather feathers and Leather Cord USA pieces. On the back I put some blue Jesse James Beads beaded chain to give it a little pop as she turns around to walk back down the runway.

I hope that you enjoy this project and that it inspires you to embellish something too.

Come Join Me:

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  1. What a great idea to liven up all the old boots, nice blog. I shall certainly try some of this at home…

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