DIY Bolo Cord Leather Jewelry Making

This post brought to you by USA red leather bolo cord for leather jewelry making and craftsGolds and antique brass are in and I am embracing it!

I recently returned home from two different filming trips.  One for Beads, Baubles and Jewels and another for with  Both very good trips, but not much time for blogging with all the prep that is involved.

If you find yourself with not much time for making, you’ll like this necklace because it goes together fast.  Really bolo cordRound Braided Bolo cord from comes in all different colors and diameters.  You know this if you’ve read any of my LeatherCord USA posts here.  But I’m a good squeaky wheel and will keep reminding you.Leather necklaceHere’s the secret for making this piece fast: wire wrapping.  You can string all the beads and charms onto the bolo cord and then wrap it up.  Literally.

I’m into over-the-head necklaces right now and so I cut the cord and the chain to the length I wanted, threaded the bolo cord through the ends of the chains and then folded the cord over.  You could add a touch of adhesive or just wrap it with Beadalon 20g. wire.

Done.DIY Jewlery Making  Working with red leather bolo cord from LeatherCordUSA.comI do like to give it a little smoosh with chain nose pliers to crimp the wire a to layer jewelry ideasNow let’s talk a minute about how to layer these bad single red bolo necklace for layeringYou could wear it alone.  But why?  Well with a t-shirt and boots, I think.  That would be a good reason why.  Maybe a jean jacket too.Layering jewelry ideas on candiecooper.comYou could also add a knotted strand of crystals that’s a bit shorter to add another texture.  This piece has brass chain so it works with the first leather bolo Red bolo necklace for layeringAnd then you could go big, adding a chunky flat brass chain.  Go big or go home.  I would probably wear this look with a t-shirt too.  I like my accessories.

P.S.  This is my vintage Dianne VonFurstenburg shirt I found thrifting for $3.50 a few years back.  If there were other shoppers there, I probably would’ve held my hand up and started giving high fives.  That was a good day.Necklaces for Layering ideaIs anyone else hungry?  Three more days until Thanksgiving.

Wishing you a happy one!


  1. Candie Cooper you are such a rockstar!

  2. So boho, cowgirl, eclectic look.
    I’m a huge fan.

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