DIY Bolo Leather Layering Necklace

This post brought to you by Leather Bolo Necklace from LeatherCordUSA.comFall leaf inspirationThe leaves are turning fast around here.  We’ve had some amazing weather too.  70s and sunny?!

Be jealous, California.

The weather guy said there was 8″ of snow on the ground back in 64′!

I’ve been painting our floors with oil based paint and it’s been a blessing to be able to work outside at our picnic table.  Not to mention inspiring!  Fresh air is good on so many levels.  Why do I forget that so easily?  Oh I know, because there are piles of things to do inside. bolo cordThis is a necklace I’ve had on my mind for a long time.  It uses beautiful bolo braided cord from  The cord comes in all different finishes from metallic to matte and natural.  Another bonus is that you’ll find it in many diameters–from 3.0 to 13.0mm!Leather Jewelry Making DIY bolo necklaceYou know I love layering bits and pieces together and the leather is no different.  Bolo cord bundles with two strands of metallic kansa 1.0mm round leather does my heart good.

Looking at this photo, I think the next paint job needs to be on our cellar doors!Leather jewelry making assistantMy dog, Rock likes the round kansa leather cord too!  I was working it through the beads and wondered why it wasn’t moving.  It was caught up on Rocky’s paw.   The funny thing is that he didn’t move.  I pulled his paw went up and then down, up and down.  This is just another day in Rocker’s world.   He does what he can around here.  Thanks, good dog.Large hole beads keep multi-strand leather pieces togetherThe large holed silver beads are from Tierra Cast.  I got the baby tassels in Tucson–I think they are made in Taiwan.  They are so sweet on anything! The crystals have been a bit of an obsession the past year or so.  I have a little stash of them.  Needless to say, mixing and matching all these surfaces makes me happy.  I think I’ll wear this necklace today.
Leather findings from LeatherCordUSA.comI finished the ends with these stunning Glue and Go findings also from  They matched the beads perfectly, so it was a no-brainer.  These findings were actually a touch too big for the bolo cord so it worked out well to add the extra kansa green cords to fill up the space.

Use this glue to adhere leather and metal together.LeatherCord USA necklaceFollow me on Instagram @candiecooper to see behind the scenes action when making pieces like this!

Happy day!

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