Purse Revamp with LeatherCord USA

This post sponsored by LeathercordUSA.com.DIY Fashion; Purse Makeover on Candie Cooper's blog with Leathcord USA flowersOnce upon a time there was a purse put on the clearance rack when spring came for $12 because, well it was time for spring colored accesories.

I rescued her and this is her story.
LeatherCordUSA.com Flowers for DIY projectsWhen I visited LeatherCord USA headquarters, I got to pick out parts and pieces for future projects.  I’ve been so smitten with these vintage looking leather flowers and thought they would be perfect to jazz up this old girl of a purse.Loctite gel for leather craftingBut first!  I added two strips of the metallic Kansa colored leather strap using Loctite Gel.LeatherCordUSA.com for beautiful leather flower embellishmentsRemember that post where I talked about forming leather flowers?  That’s exactly what you do here.  Then I bought some small rivets and used the Loctite to glue everything together.  Piece of cake.  Great excuse to sit in front of the tv and work.
Purse revamp with Leathercordusa.com flowers and strapUse the same Loctite glue to attach them to the purse in a random fashion.
DIY Purse Revamp from @candiecooper and LeatherCord USADIY FASHION Purse REvamp with LeatherCordUSA.com flowers and leather strapDIY Fashion Idea Purse Revamp from @CandieCooperPurse Makeover idea


  1. Very cute, I love this!

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