DIY Team Spirit Bracelets

This post brought to you by Leathercord USA.LeatherCord USA Team Spirit Jewelry with kidsKids are heading back to school this week where I live.  Admittedly, I’m sad for them and their parents.  We didn’t start school until the third week in August when I was little.  But!  I try to focus on the positive so with school starting, that means football season is upon us too.  Let’s make some team spirit bracelets!LeatherCord USA printed cord for jewelry makingWe will be using Leathercord USA printed leather round cord.  It’s good stuff and you can buy it in 2 meter packs.  Pick your colors.  You’ll also need some round end findings.
LeatherCord USA Team Spirit Jewelry3The clasp end findings are made in the USA.  Go team! Adults can do the gluing while kids can string the beads.  Use this glue for leather and metal connections.
LeatherCord USA Team Spirit Jewelry4I had two helpers making these bracelets with me.  I found the large hole pony beads at the craft store.LeatherCord USA team spirit braceletsWhen you’re finished stringing, glue the opposite end in the finding.
LeatherCord USA Team Spirit Jewelry9That orange and black one is for my momma.  She works in the school here and every Friday they wear orange and black.  Apache pride!  That leads me to think these would be a good teacher gift idea.
LeatherCord USA Team Spirit Jewelry11Sending you good thoughts for a smooth reentry to school!

🙂 Candie

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