Being Brave and Loving Life

Candie Cooper Jewelry“Success is Loving Life and Daring to Live It”

I’ve worn this bracelet a ton since I made it in June.  This picture was taken in the fall and it has made me pause and think tonight—kind of like reading an old journal entry.  I remember loving that my shoes matched my turquoise mocs.  Surface, I know.  Deeper, I think about why that bracelet resonated/resonates with me.  As someone who has dealt with her share of anxiety, I’m no stranger to making a decision based on fear or worrying myself sick.  This is not success.  Not at all.  I find when you’re going through transitions, sometimes it helps to put a bracelet on that reminds you to grab the bull by the horns.  Be brave.  It works for me.  I want to live life fully.  Sometimes I get too caught up in my own head and looking at this quote snaps me out of it.  Just another one of the many things I love about jewelry…

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