Words To Live By

Create Every Day Jewelry PendantHave you ever read something and it just resonates with you?  Right then.  Right now.  I found this pendant at just the right time because it’s exactly what I’ve been attempting to do.  Create.  Every.  Day.  Easier said than done even though I consider myself a full time self-employed artist.

I’m talking about making things purely because I want to make it.  Lately, I’ve been sewing, making a ton of jewelry, trying new techniques, teaching an art camp, even making food from scratch (I say that food from raw ingredients counts as being creative and it’s my blog so whatever I say is the truth–wink.).

And you know what?  I’ve felt myself to be happier than ever.  I’ve said no to a few projects (always scary) and decluttered, both to create room for new.  It’s working.

A couple days ago I read “you can’t expect new results if you don’t change what you’re doing.”  It’s now a mantra of sorts or simply more words to live by.

I loved reading about your favorite crafts in the giveaway post.  Thanks everyone for chiming in.

Now, I’d love to hear what words you live by.


Pendant and Charms from Hobby Lobby


  1. That is a beautiful pendant!
    My creative life has been taking a backseat this year due to a whole cluster of family issues that won’t be going away anytime soon. But I have not been happy and I know it is because of this lack of creating. Sure, I have been marginally keeping up with some projects that I have to do, but there has not been any creating for the joy of it, nothing that I truly want to do. That has to change. And your quote about changing what you are doing is something I need to take to heart. My mantra is ‘every day may not be good but there is something good in every day’ and I have always used that to remind myself to seek out the ‘something good’ each day. I often discover that it finds me! I consider you someone that is a role model for creatives, something I aspire to in my own way. I am not a full time artist, but would love to be one, writing books, appearing on tv, etc. Knowing that you face the same challenges is a great comfort! Thank you for always sharing your inspiring wisdom and creativity. Enjoy the day. Erin

    • Your note made my day. I know exactly what it’s like to wonder why the Universe won’t let you off the hamster wheel. It’s odd because I found myself coveting things that I really wanted to do, a book on stitchery, fat quarters here and there, a quilt pattern, a book about bread making and homemade soups….and then looking at them and feeling guilty. Money spent. Nothing done. Maybe even a little bitter. That’s probably what clued me in the most that I needed to tweak my life–I was feeling a little anger and I didn’t like it. No, I couldn’t take on huge projects, but little ones here and there and being committed every night to working on them no matter how tired I was or am. Just a little bit of creativity was fuel in my happy tank and making my day work better and more interesting which also makes me feel good. I really need that time to play and experiment with no deadlines, pressure etc… It’s wonderful those bright spots are finding you! But, I also give you a ton of credit for looking for them. I’m sending you good thoughts and can’t thank you enough for sharing your story and words to live by. I hope I get to meet you in person someday on the bead circuit. Smiling, hugs, Candie

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