Easy Decorated Easter Eggs

Mod Melt Easter Eggs from Candie CooperMy mom always decorated for Easter so it’s a family tradition to craft up eggs and have Easter grass coming out our ears around this time.    This is an easy project that uses Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza’s, Mod Melts (made by Plaid).  Mod Melts are DIY embellishments along with some ready to go Easter eggs from JoAnn Fabrics.  They have the glittery and satin finish eggs there in pretty pastels.  You can find the Mod Melt sticks and molds at Michaels Craft store.  You’ll also need a skinny stick, high temp glue gun (has to be high temp or else the sticks don’t get hot enough to flow into the molds).

Glue the ribbon to the eggWrap a bit of ribbon around the egg (I knew there was a reason I was saving this pile of pretty ribbon scraps.  Craft supply hoarders unite!).

Secure the ribbon to the egg with hot glue and push it down with your finger protected by a Hot Glue Gun Helper finger cap.

Glue end of ribbon downThen trim the ribbon to fit and glue the end of ribbon down.

Ribbon Wrapped EggAdd some metallic buzz with Martha Stewart metal ribbon–found in the decoupage/stencil section of the craft store at Michaels.  It comes in gold, gunmetal and rose gold.  I really like it.

Mod MeltsBy now your hot glue gun and Mod Melt stick should be ready to fire!  Fill the mold and let set for 5 or ten minutes.  The hardest part in this project is waiting for these suckers to cool so you can see how awesome they are.  Tic toc… tic toc…


Paint the Mod MeltsSponge on some color by applying paint to a dobber and blotting it over the mod melt piece.

Dress It Up ButtonsYou can add further sparkle and layers with Dress It Up craft embellishments–usually found in the scrapbooking section of the craft store.  These things are like craft candy!  You can’t use just one.  Use a glue gun to glue the embellishments to the eggs.

Eggs with Mod MeltsTa da!  Never mind that craft explosion in the background!  That’s one of my other magic tricks.  I can take a clean table and trash it in 3.4 minutes flat.

Candie Cooper's Easter Eggs with Mod MeltsHere they are!  Such cuties!  I’m really loving paper Easter grass this year too.  It’s so soft and natural looking.  I don’t over think these things or anything.  Can you tell?

Mod Melt Class collageLast week, our local Crafty Book Club met and I taught them how to use the Mod Melts with Hot Glue Gun Helpers.  The ladies liked them a lot and had fun experimenting.  This is our 4th year for making Easter eggs together.  It’s another great tradition!




  1. so adorable!!!!!

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