How to Organize Your Bead Stash

Bead OrganzingIt seemed so simple:  watch the Oscars….organize beads at the same time.  I’d been working on it the night before and happy with progress (annnnnd a little addicted to seeing my MESS of beads going into pretty clear containers).  I haven’t cleaned my studio in months so there are lots of little trays and areas of pure chaos that look like this:

How to organize your beadsActually, there are worse areas, but I can’t show you those until we get to know each other better.  It’s like letting your new friend into your house when your PJs and undies are still  on the bathroom floor from this morning (annnnnd it’s 7:30 at night) topped off with a sink full of dishes.  You might judge and never return.

Candie Cooper Czech Bead StashThese are some of the beads I got in Tucson at the To Bead True Blue show.  I’m just now going through my boxes of goodies so it’s a bit like Christmas.  You can find these containers at the craft store in the beading section.  I really love them because of the transparency.  Everything looks so pretty and full of hope never to look disarrayed on my work table, floor, kitchen table, etc ever again!

I digress back to last night.  Here I am ready!  The TV is on the red carpet, Ryan Secrest in my ear, been looking forward to sitting down and doing this alllllll day and

Candie Cooper Rocker 2Fail.  Epic fail.  NOT ONE bead, finding, or doo-dad got put into a container.  Cuteness 1.  Candie Zip.

Maybe tonight!



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