Make a Valentines Bracelet

Valentine's Bracelet Candie CooperAnd here we are thinking about Valentine’s Day already!!    I’ve been traveling since January 10th so I’m still putting away Christmas decor.  Sigh.  It’ll get done….someday.  I leave Friday for the Tucson Gem show and am prepping for that.  SO EXCITED!!!

Today’s post is sponsored by Craft Attitude!  The people that make a magical, transparent film that you can decorate everything with!  Tonight, I de-stressed with an easy bracelet project.Candie Cooper Magnet AttitudeBefore we really get rolling, envision my dog Rocker and myself smooshed into a big yellow corduroy chair with me holding my leg just right so as not to disturb his head that’s propped on my calf.  This is a mother’s guilt at it’s finest–I’ve been gone and he’s got my number.  I didn’t want to feel my calf anyway.

To make this little ditty, I grabbed some Magnet Attitude (the reason in a moment), a 1″ hole punch, a pre-made stretchy bracelet with 1″ silver beads, and a free collage sheet from the Graphics Fairy.  Candie Cooper Circle hole punchI printed the collage sheet onto the Craft Attitude film and set to punching out the circles with the 1″ punch.  Back to the reason for Magnet Attitude—the collage sheet has lots of extra sweet shapes on it that would be perfect for making tiny magnets with.  Include them with your Valentine’s this year?!  I’m just sayin.  Back to the bracelet…Candie Cooper heart bracelet glueOnce you have all the circles punched out, apply glue to the printed side.Candie Cooper Heart bracelet 3Flip over the circle piece and stick onto the bead, removing the paper backing and smoothing out the film.  One done, a dozen more to go!  Good thing because there are lots of cute images to choose from.Candie Cooper heart Bracelet detailHow about a close up?  Nice, right?  I love how the Craft Attitude film highlights the texture of the surface it’s on.  Whoa-oh-oh, it’s maa-gic!!  You know!!  Ok, I’ll stop here because I’m really talented at making up words to songs (that make absolutely no sense).  Don’t be jealous, Napoleon.  (I’m also really good at quoting movies).  Did I mention I’m for hire?heart bracelet detail 2The glue will dry clear and smooth.Candie Cooper Heart Bracelet 1My mom is going to see this and want it.  I already know it.

It only takes about fifteen minutes to make this delicious little piece.  Candie Cooper heart bracelet finishedAnd that’s good, because I’ve got Christmas decorations that need to come down and bags to pack.  Trust me people, I’ve been that person that’s blurred the lines of Easter and Christmas and I don’t want to go back to that place.  Pastels look terrible with red and green.

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  1. Jayne Rice says

    Well, I could be your older Mother–I want a valentines bracelet too! I definitely think we should make these in CBB!!! So adorable!!

  2. love it! just discovered you via graphics fairy pinterest site. i’d love to try this project. where can i locate the bracelet you used? thanks, deb

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