Craft and Hobby Show

Candie Cooper in Plaid Crafts CHA booth2I’m excited to say I’ll be back at the Craft and Hobby Show in the Plaid Crafts booth January 11th-14th.  Plaid makes all kinds of magical DIY supplies including Mod Podge, Folk Art Paints, and fabulous jewelry lines including Inspired Classics, Select Strands and more.  This year, I’m showing the crafty universe their new Monogram Collection.Candie Cooper Monogram bracelet2This line has two different styles of monograms that are so pretty!  I love how classy they look.  See the ‘M’ above?  The charms look like you stamped the metal with a wax seal stamp.  Elegant.  Personal.  Pretty.  Three of my favorite words sum up this line.Candie Cooper in Plaid Booth CHA showThis is what it usually looks like at my station.  Women love jewelry.  I love teaching them how to make jewelry.  It’s a match made in crafty heaven.  This year show-goers like these lovely ladies (and a few men) will get to make their own bracelet (or for their wife) with the Monogram Collection and beads from Select Strands.  It’s a ton of fun!

It was an honor to be invited to serve as a panelist in a discussion that covers “working with manufacturers” this year too.  If you are attending the show, it’s Monday 10Am to 11Am.  I always get nervous at these sort of things so please, if you’re coming to the show, come sit next to me and hold my hand (in other words,  I would love, love, love to meet you)!

You’ll also find my crafty friends, Cathie Filian, Steve Piacenza, Ed Roth, and Rachel Faucett demonstrating in the Plaid booth as well as Jen from Something Turquoise  (who I’ve not met, but am very excited to meet!).  On that note, I’ve got a long list waiting for me so I can actually make it to Cali including pack my suitcase and one more load of laundry.  I wish I could put you guys in my suitcase and bring you along to the show (in a non-creepy way, of course!).

plaid logocha

Booth #1401—Stop by and say howdy!

Nothin’ but love!



  1. Cill Ballee says

    Have fun! I wish I could go and sit next to you! Make a bracelet with the letter B as your model for me, please! I’m a bracelet girl. Safe travels! I enjoyed your blog.

  2. Leigh Anne Weissmueller says

    What type of wire did you use for this bracelet. I tried it but I think I used the wrong type

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