How to Make Jewelry in a Set

Candie Cooper DIY Bird and Flower Jewelry SetThis is a post that’s been on my mind lately and I think it’s time to share. It’s my latest philosophy on wearing and making jewelry and goes like this: make it go together, but not perfectly. When I was in my 20s, I refused to wear a set of jewelry.  Matchy McMatcherson is NOT my middle name. I liked (and still do) contrast. These days I find myself designing jewelry that goes together….but doesn’t. Does that make sense? A similar stone, flower motif, nature theme used throughout the pieces can tie the collection all together in a sweet little package, making accessorizing a lot easier. Does that mean I’m getting older because I’m thinking about easy accessorizing?  Don’t answer that. Plus, I’ve found the people who buy my jewelry love pieces that go together (but don’t) and I like making them happy. I’m not getting old. I’m a people pleaser.

Candie Cooper DIY Beaded Bail Flower NecklaceIf your bracelet is busy, you can balance it by  wearing a simple necklace like this one with an easy, sparkly beaded bail.  I’m not saying I follow this rule.  Just look at my get-up in the video below!  It happens….  For a variety of reasons…..  Your inner gypsy called.  You liked both necklaces and couldn’t say no to yourself.  You thought the bracelet was the perfect complimentary color to your green sweater giving yourself another green light for more jewelry.  More is more.  Sleep deprivation.

Candie Cooper Beaded Bail Flower PendantHow about a closer look at that bail?!?   For people that are new to jewelry making, a “bail” is what connects the pendant to the necklace.  They can come soldered onto the pendant or you can make your own with wire, beads, string, a twist tie…  I don’t recommend the twist tie, but I was on a roll.

Candie Cooper Bird Charm BraceletThis bracelet carries out the subtle set look with the bird beads matching the rose pendant.  The flower motif on the shell beads is so pretty!  I love them.  You can find them as well as the leaf charms and birds at AC Moore.  The pendant and clasp are from JoAnn Fabrics.  All are made by Plaid and they aren’t paying me to tell you this, but I want you to be able to find the supplies easily.  See the little sparkly gold beads used throughout?  Those are the same ones I used for the beaded bail.  They look totally different when peppered in a design versus strung in a row.  I loved creating these pieces for the video below.  It’s my Jewelry Making 101 crash course I made for Plaid (and they did pay me to film that (grins)).  I  hope you find it helpful with all the techniques and tips!  So that’s my two cents on creating a set of jewelry.  How do you feel about sets?  What other techniques are you working on or curious about?  I hesitate to ask you questions for fear that no one will raise their hand, so I’m counting on you to chime in via the comments section.  Now, let’s make some more jewelry!

<3  Candie


  1. Candie, this is a great project! I think I will make a few of these(a lot less ornate than your creations) for family and friends. I only plan to create few, as I think it will take me a long while to do this. I work with paper, wood and stone, so this type of crafting will be new to me and I will have to carve-out a little more patience:-) But, I’m going to try it, anyway. Thank you! Cynthia

    • Dear Candie, I saw your bracelet on Pintrest and loved it immediately! I really like your concept of matching but not matching. Thanks for such great information and letting us know where you purchased your supplies. That helps a lot! I’m looking forward to giving this set a try!


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    How to Make Jewelry in a Set – Candie Cooper

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