Silver and Turquoise Earrings

Candie Cooper Silver and Turquoise EarringsHowdy dear friends!  Today I wanted to share this pair of earrings.  I stayed up wayyy too late cranking out earrings just like these for a trunk show tonight.  Then, I proceeded to hop out of bed at 6 to help Aaron get the truck started.  Ok, I didn’t hop.  It was more like a zombie shuffle (vision me wearing my loud printed Cynthia Rowley PJ pants, his running shoes and his hoodie complete with hood over my head and half of my face).  It’s cold and our little Ford Ranger truck engine is worn out.  By the way, if you ever see a man jumping up and down on the back of a blue truck yelling, “wait, honey…..NOW!” and a zombie in the driver’s seat turning over the engine…well, don’t worry at all.  Everything is completely normal.  It’s just us most likely hauling something out of our 112 year old house. This time carpet from the 1960s so we can refinish the floor in the new craft room.

Back to this pair of earrings made from silver and copper hoops with little turquoise crosses.  This pair of earrings ended up making their way to a scholarship fundraising benefit named after a woman who lost her life to cancer.  Can I just say that I am so tired of the “C” word?  I get asked a lot to donate pieces of jewelry for fundraisers and I used to think I had to give something big and grand, but then that left little room in the budget for the third and fourth parties that would come calling.  That would lead to guilt.  Guilt for me equals unhappiness.  Do you feel this way?  A couple years ago I made the decision that I will donate a pair of earrings when asked.  It makes the group and myself happy.  Win win.  They are small tokens, but every little bit helps.  And let’s also continue to PRAY for a cure.


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    Love your site and projects!!!!

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