DIY Elastic Skull Bracelets

Candie Cooper Fancy Skull BraceletDo you ever have an idea that rolls around in your head for a year, but you can never find that extra hour you need to make it? Probably because it was jewelry solely for me.  Anyway, that’s exactly what happened with this stack of bracelets.  It all started with some gum-ball head skull beads.  I wanted to make some Halloween jewelry without it really looking like Halloween jewelry.  Know what I mean?  No orange and black.  No dangling skull charms.  Very sneaky.  This fancy design worked.  People did double takes!  My mother said, “Candice, are those skull beads?”  “Why yes Mother, they are.”  So fun to wear!  Make one.  Make eight!  Don’t over-think the bead order–just string them!  I made mine with hefty 1mm diameter beading elastic and Jesse James focal beads between the skulls.  Tie the ends of the elastic in a surgeons knot and touch the knot with clear nail polish.  Let it dry and go on with your bad self!

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