Craft Attitude Wedding

Candie and Aaron Wedding 2

March 23rd was the big day!  We had a blast!  It was everything we hoped for and dreamed about.  Married life is good too!  We loved our wedding so much—I’ll post more pictures later and there are tons on FB.  Thanks to Emily P for taking these sweet photos.  Recently I got back to making my altered books.  That’s how I can tell I’m really happy–the creative juices flow rapidly.  I’m having a blast cutting paper and completely addicted to Washi tape.

I’ve been traveling a bunch still working for so many fascinating companies–Plaid, Activa, Craft Attitude,, FloraCraft, KS Productions and JTV for Beadalon.

In the evenings, that gives me time to print out images to work into one of my altered books or projects like this:


This is a vintage prism with a Craft Attitude image on the back side.  I used Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to adhere the CA to the prism.  It’s beautiful in a window or in wedding decorations because the image is perfectly translucent and vibrant.

Photo on 2011-11-06 at 15.55

With the wedding, I can’t help but look back to when we first met.  This picture was snapped a month after officially dating.  I made a little ring using this image and the Craft Attitude too.


I love how the silver metal finish comes through.  That’s what makes the Attitude films special–they pick up texture and finishes.  I got the ring from Amate Studios.  I may end up sealing it with Envirotex Lite so it has a protective resin on top.  Well, it’s back to work.  I just wanted to share these ideas with you.  Let me know if you ever have questions on the Craft Attitude film. I’m happy to help!!  And thanks for all the well wishes on the wedding.  The cards and notes have filled us with joy. Thank you.

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