New Year Sparkle Necklace

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This will be as close as I get to seeing the ball drop tonight.  My hunky fiance' brought home fancy appetizers and we made potato soup (his request).  I've been editing photos to the tune of a crackling fire with two dogs curled up snoozing.  Admittedly, we binge watched the Twighlight series this weekend (I'd never seen them) and therefore are relying on Netflix to entertain us tonight.  We don't have cable here at the cabin.   No pressure, Netflix.

Photo 2-23

I'm hooked on cable necklaces right now….and the Twighlight movies.  First, I was on Team Edward and by disc three I was on team make-up-your-mind-Bella.  Crikey.  They were fun to watch all in a row.  There is one theater sort of near that is still playing Breaking Dawn part II.  We'll see if I can make it through the week without seeing it.  I'm trying to detox because today I was using red paint and later on noticed I had red on my hand.  You'd think my first thought would be "paint," but instead it was "vampires."

Photo 2-23

2012 was a really good year.

I tackled some resolutions, released a new book, got engaged, and bought a house.  

Get ready 2013, because you've got some big shoes to fill!

– – –

Cable necklace by Beadalon as seen on JTV.

Pendants by Plaid Enterprises.


  1. Happy New Year, Miss Candie!

  2. It is very dangling piece of jewelry; the cuts, the design, the color all are designed so perfectly to give it a glamorous touch.

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