DIY Thumbprint Pendant

Cooper Activa thumbprint

Thumbprints, fingerprints and hand-prints are the most fun to stamp with!  This is a pendant I made using Premier clay, a Beadalon cable necklace, Amate heart pendant, and Folk Art paints.  It's easy to make:  roll a ball of clay, push into bezel pendant, smooth out so it is flush with wall of pendant, imprint with finger and leave to dry.  Once it dries, there is a slight amount of shrinkage with the clay so it will pop out of the frame. This makes it easier to paint.  Glue the clay piece in and string the pendant onto a cable necklace.  Personalized jewelry in a pinch!

Hot chocolate bar
The second quick idea that makes parties extra fun is a hot chocolate bar.  It's kinda like a sunday bar, where you have all the fixin's.  This is a really quick one I put together for my students last year at Manchester College in the ceramics room.  Candy cane stirrers, cinnamon and peppermint sprinkles, flavored syrup, gingerbread marshmallow men and whipped cream combined to make a super custom cup o' cocoa.  Kids and adults will have fun with this one.  I promise.

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