Vases for Wildflowers

Vase 1
This is what we made in Crafty Book Club last Thursday night.  Wildflower vases.  It's your turn! 

Vase 2
You can pick up vases for $1 at the dollar store or maybe less at a thrift store.  The fabric is from my favorite Liberty of London scarf that I stopped wearing.  I'm a scarf addict and recently cleaned out my collection.  This one got a second chance as a vase scarf.  You can use any kind of fabric you like.  Tear it into 1" strips about 2' long.  Hot glue one end of the strip to the top of the vase, wind and twist it around as far as you like.  Hot glue the end down.  String some beads onto 20g. wire.  Wrap over top the fabric and secure like a twist tie.  Make a faux-tie with a scrap of fabric and glue on top.  Here's an aqua version—

Vase 3
Use up your odds and ends and make one for all your friends!

(I really didn't mean for that to rhyme)

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