This Week.

Clothes pins

This week I….

  • chaperoned a field trip to Chicago with a bunch of h.s. kids
  • worked on a project for Kristal Wick's new book
  • finalized Hands On projects for the next season
  • finished a super big project that I can't talk about
  • taught an earring class at the Honeywell Center
  • worked on supply orders for Hands On
  • am 2 steps away from finishing my Plaid Kids Blog post
  • grocery shopped (along with turkey decoy shopping)
  • walked McClure's Orchard 5K
  • watched 3 movies (recovering from walk)
  • cleaned the apartment

It was a great week!  Hard to believe it's time to rinse and repeat.  But first, I'm going to make a big dinner of chicken tacos with black beans and sweet potatoes and banana cream pie (my feeling is it's better to start the week off with awesome leftovers vs. the end of the week cheese and crackers).

P.S.  The above is a really slick and cute way to zip up paper or plastic gift bags.  Just paint with crazy colors then stamp or Mod Podge your website, name, or fun quote to the clothes pin.  Clip and you're done.  


  1. That is so cute! You just ooze creativity.
    I’ll add this to the list of things I’d like to do. šŸ™‚

  2. Hi Candie,
    Super cute clips! I love that idea. Did you get your stamp made with your address? You’re so clever!

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