DIY Easy Wrist Corsage for Prom


Yesterday was hair embellishments, today a twist on a wrist corsage.  Instead of using the elastic findings, check out this cuff bracelet with filigree top.  The filigree piece makes it easy to embellish it with whatever you like.


Some ideas are feathers, old clip on earrings, big silk flowers, and sparkle stems like I used in the hair piece yesterday.


You can make beaded loops with 22/24 g. wire and an old necklace or maybe some sparkly crystals with seed beads?


String a row of beads onto a wire.  Determine how big you want the loop to be and then wrap the tail of wire around the opposite side of the beads to secure the loop.


You can add as many loops as you want.  Use wire to attach the beaded loops to the filigree piece.  Use hot glue to attach the feathers and flower.  It's worth wrapping a bit of wire around the feather and flower pieces to insure they are attached really well (think crazy dance floor secure).


Remove the clip on the earring and glue to the center of the flower.  This is just the beginning–you can add more bead loops and feathers like the one my friend Teri and I did a couple years ago:

Prom corsage
The girl's dress was bright orange and green so we wanted the corsage to be full of energy too.  Don't forget to save a couple pieces for the boutonniere —although I hear pocket squares are in right now too.  I love the classic Fred Astaire look–he wore both.  Go big…or go home, I guess.


SOURCES:  22/24g Wire by Beadalon (find it at any craft store), the cuff is by Plaid found at JoAnns in the Ring Bling line, as well as the flower from the Inspired Classics line.


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