Easter Brunch

I made two things for Easter Brunch.

French toast
Blueberry baked french toast that tasted wonderful thanks to the recipe from Allrecipes.com!  This is the back-up batch–the first one had wayyyy more blueberries.

Pnut butter eggs
Second, your fav and mine, peanut butter eggs!  This recipe yeilds 66 (and I didn't catch that when I started making them).  Aaron and I rolled and patted out at least 50 and then I started dipping them in chocolate.  By egg number 14, I was…….  Let's just say I can cross chocolate dipper off my list of possible careers.  Betty Crocker made the little chicks for the top. My Aunt Jane piped icing ring nests (and dipped some extra eggs–lifesaver) while I plopped the birds in.  Aunt Jane also says I should've borrowed her special dipping tools.  Noted.

It was a happy day filled with church and family time.  I'm thankful for the beautiful day.

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