Peanut Butter Cookies with Oatmeal

Pb cookies 2

I whipped these up just because.  Cooking and baking have sorta turned into my relaxation time since my job is creative.  I like the simplicity of reading the instructions and making the dish. The cookie recipe is from the current issue of Martha.  I love oatmeal and in this recipe you get to toast it before adding it to the batter.  Toasted oatmeal?!  You had me at hello, Martha.

Pb cookies 1
We ate a few outta the oven and then packed the rest in a container (of which I thought I forgot to send to work the next day, but then got a surprise text saying they were completely consumed by 9:30 AM—this made me laugh).  For the first tray I forgot to add the brown sugar to the batter so they were really puffy and dry (those are waiting to be crumbled over vanilla pudding).  I've learned that you can't talk on the phone and read a recipe.  At least I cant.  Here are some search hits for Peanut Butter Oatmeal cookies or you can get the Martha Stewart Living mag with the eggs on the cover.

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