Egg in a Frame

Egg in a frame 1

 Egg in a frame everybody! (and the crowd goes wild)  If you know me, you know I learned how to make these in Mrs. Gallahue's Home Ec class in 6th grade.  Oh. Yeah.  It's pretty much the magic trick of cooking eggs.  Just buttah your bread, cut out a shape, throw in a warm lightly greased skillet, crack your egg in the shape and let it cook until the bread is golden brown and the egg is secure, then hold your breath and…….flip it.

Egg in a frame 1

 As it's cooking you can toast the center piece on the side—this part goes quick so watch it close.  I tried a flower and a star for the center of the frame and the star worked better.  But, the flower cut out was pretty cute toasted so I slathered some peanut butter on it and stuck an M&M in the middle.  Not the traditional sunny side up, but definitely one happy egg.



  1. Candie,
    You really crack me up. This so too cute to eat.

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