Soup Recipe Book…

I've been gone approximately five weeks out of this summer and I think this blog kind of reflects that.  It's been go, go, go with so many things….  I was teaching in a retirement home last week and my friend brought me this little batch of veggies.  I put the peppers in stir fry and ate the tomatoes like popcorn.  Oh! So good! 

Images With the cooler evenings, I can't help but gear up for soup season.  It's my favorite food to make and so to honor that, I picked up this book.  It's supposed to be here tomorrow!  Chop. Saute. Stir. I'm excited.


  1. I just made the Roasted Leek & Potato soup. Very yummy! But didn’t use anywhere near the 7 POUNDS of leeks called for!

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