Dragonfly necklace…

Dragonfly 3

I hope you had a great Easter!  I've heard lots of good stories from others who had wonderful weekends with their family.  I love that.  I helped with an Easter event on Saturday, had dinner with friends, family all day Sunday.  I came home wound up from Easter, so I started cleaning my studio and painting.  It was great!  Dare I say a never ending weekend!  That never happens…ok, it does from time to time.

This is my Evolution necklace.  I actually made it back in college, but it looked much different than it does now.  Very shiny, two chains on either side and that's about it.  I re-did it last year because, well, I didn't like it anymore.  One of my favorite things about creating is seeing the change over the years…..our objects we create are a journal of sorts documenting what appeals to us at that particular time.  It's astonishing to me that even as adults, we can grow and change.  The dragonfly is actually cast in sterling from a real (but dead) dragonfly I found on the way to class one day.

Here's a detail of the chain.  It's a loop in loop chain.  I learned from this book (I'm 90% sure) and the process itself is really interesting.  If you like chain maille, I know you'll lovvvvvve this!

Ok, it's back down to the studio I go.  I'm knee deep in project creating for my new book.  Excited!! 


  1. This piece is amazing. The dragonfly focal is a stunner, and the beads, chain,etc. set it off beautifully!

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