Flower Ring

Ring 2
I'm sitting here tonight with the window cracked listening to the tree frogs chirp away.  Sigh.  Wonderful.  Earlier the coyote were howling and as creepy as that sounds, it's also nice to be surrounded by nature (sans the orange lady bugs that are about to make me crazy pinging into every window and light bulb).  I'm lucky to live out here with the critters.  Yesterday I planted some flowers and moved the wood pile to the back of the cabin.  Yes, of course I woke up a little sore.  Now Rocky is sitting on the couch behind me prrring/growling under his breath to let me know he'd like to be held.  Rocky does this from time to time.  He's VERY intimidating, like the coyote, so I shall oblige.

This is a ring I made using sterling, copper, felt, and printed tin. The flower is roll printed with a dried hydrangea bloom on thin copper.  Lace, stitching….sweet, simple.

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