Mod Podge Dimensional Magic tutorial

Hello People!  Quick post here.  It's been a crazy week and it's only Tuesday afternoon.  This is a video that the folks at Plaid, Amy Anderson, and I filmed this Fall using Dimensional Magic.  I remember that day so well.  This was day four of straight crafty project filming and Amy and I were going to a different studio to shoot the Mod Podge videos.  We pulled into the parking lot and were immediately side-tracked with picking up these ginormously cool……….acorns.  Never-mind that we needed to get our clothes on and make-up done for the filming, we were busy collecting acorns.  We always have fun.  This is what Amy made with her acorns.  So clever!  Back to the Dimensional Magic though.  It's great stuff when you want that resin look without the 24 hour dry time.  DM only takes 3 hours to cure.  Yay!!  There are so many awesome frames to put your pictures, art and embellishments in.  OR! you can always make your own with recycled metal like bottle caps or cut tin with holes punched.  The Dimensional Magic won't oooze off the side so don't worry if you do not have an edge around your picture.  It's good stuff!


  1. Thanks for the quick tutorial!
    I just picked up some Mod Podge Dimensional Magic and can’t wait to get started!

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