Rad Woven Potholders…

Photo(21)Who wants to make a potholder?!?  Everybody say "Heyyay!"  I couldn't wait to show you these as they were flying off the loom.   I was talking to a friend about making them at a concert Saturday night—actually more like yelling.  Nothing says die hard crafty like recollecting and discussing making potholders over a couple beers at a concert, does it?  We laughed because we both agreed as kids weaving potholders seemed somewhat difficult.  But now, I can crank 5 out in a couple of hours (maybe less time even).

Photo(20)Check out Pepperell Braiding Co.'s "Loom and Loopers" kit.  I saw it at Hobby Lobby this weekend also.  Everyone I've shown or mentioned the ol' woven potholders to grins and usually has a story to follow.  It's a tried and true craft.  My friend, Charley shared a great memory of making them as a kid over on my Facebook page.

Photo(29)At first I fussed and strategized over what loop to put next to the last.   For real?!?  It's a potholder, Candice.  Sometimes I take myself a little too seriously.  By the end I was, grabbing, pulling and stretching them across.

Photo(22) You've GOT to use the hook though.  I remember as a kid not using it (and this might be why it seemed more difficult then).  Over, under, over, under…..

Photo(23)Next thing you know you are finishing the ends!  There are really clear instructions on the back of the box which I needed.  For some reason, I just could not remember which direction to go.  I get lost….a lot.

Photo(24) And it shrinks and shrinks because all the loopers are stretchy.

Photo(25) Done!  Ready for some action!

Photo(27) Fruit loopers. 

Photo(26) And there you have it! I'm so hiding these instead of eggs this year for Easter.

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