Taco Salad

Photo(19) Oh. Mama.  I just whipped this thing up last night and it was awesome!  A couple years ago, I remember eating Paula Deen's Cornbread Salad (made by a friend) and it was so good!  Whoever thought of crumbling cornbread in a salad?!  Genius.  So I was trying to think of something that would have a little spice to help my sinus's drain and remembered this salad (which wasn't spicy at all now that I think about it, but does that really matter?). 

Super easy and cozy on a cold, wind-is-howling, winter's night….

Whip up a batch of Chi-Chi's Sweet Corn Cake mix (this package calls for a can of creamed corn–yum).  While that's baking, chop a half onion and throw it in a pan with your beef.  Finish the beef with taco seasoning.  While that's cooking, toss together a can of corn and rinsed black beans and then saute (you can add your own spices to this mix).  Once the corn is tender, add a can of (drained) diced tomatoes and toss. 

For serving…

Into a bowl put:  shredded lettuce and cilantro, crumbled cornbread, meat, veggies, and sour cream.  You could also add some cheese. Done.  Good!


  1. Oh, you’re making me drool! And all over my keyboard too! lol

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