Brenda Schweder’s New Book

DSCF7683 Ehhhg.  I'm sick.  This is my Mod Podged stamp stool turned, night stand with all the must haves to get through the night.  I've got a sinus infection and it's drying me out,  but not in spirit!

DSCF7676 You know it's bad when you have a make shift trash bag for all those dang tissues.  My bed needs it's bed skirt desperately, doesn't it?  I just picked one up at the second hand store, got it washed and now to iron it.  Being sick, I've been surfing around the net looking at things like this and these.   Random.  I've enjoyed looking through beautiful books like these too.

DSCF7681They're all fantastic!  I want to make a nest ring in Sonya's book…..bad.  I met Sonya at CHA and her warm eyes and smile alone will knock you off your feet.  She gave me both books and after peeking through them, I've determined EVERYTHING Sonya makes is so sweet and wonderfully from the heart.  I love it all!  I also met author of Chained, Rebeca Mojica, at CHA.  She was sitting just next to me at lunch and I had to ask her about her chain mail jewelry she was wearing.  She gave me her book on the spot!  All of these books ending up in my lap.  It was so generous and nice.  The close-ups in Chained are fantastic.  I'm fascinated with chain mail and the puzzle of it all.  More on all of these books later.

DSCF7686 Greek leather wrapped with wire flowers!?!  You had me at hello, Brenda!  This is Brenda Schweder's new book, Steel Wire Jewelry.  It's hot, hot, hot.  I love it!  The layout of the book is great, the projects are very clear, interesting and playful.  If you like Calder's jewelry, then you're really going to love this book because it is especially whimsical and festive with all the loopy lines and such.  I believe you can make these projects out of almost any wire.  Colored, sterling, gold filled….let's play already!  Now, just to knock this sinus infection out of the way.

**Great interview and free project with Brenda here!


  1. This book looks great! I just wish that had it where we could preview some of the projects. I hate to buy a book sight unseen. I do use steel wire in my designs quite a bit. I may just have to bite the bullet and get her book anyway.

  2. You won’t be sorry if you buy this book! LOVE IT!!!!! Such great designs and easy instructions, even for me, a beginner! I don’t buy many books because as a retiree, I don’t have a lot to spend, but this was indeed money well spent.

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