DIY Marker Board

Photo(16)Gather your scrap papers, lace and such!  Get the biggest frame you can find at the second hand store.  Why?  To make a dry erase board for lists, thoughts, favorite quotes and dreams!

Photo(15)My friend, Anna, came over for a little crafting last night.  She didn't know what we were going to make and all I asked is that she stop and pick up a couple black dry erase markers.  That she did and away we went slashing and Mod Podging.  Put your finished collage in the frame. 3 hours later…

Photo(17)They're pretty nifty.  Both of us had recently moved and this was a great addition to our new spaces.

Photo(18) I asked Anna to write anything for this photo.  She looked at me straight faced, turned, and wrote: milk.  I laughed out loud.  Anywho, you can write right on the glass and erases like magic.  Snap.  I want to make one for everyone I know!

Photo(14) Now here comes the hard part.  I think it's kind of hard to see the marker on my crazy collaged background.  Soooooo.  I'm going to leave it for a few days and then (maybe) water down some ivory paint and do a wash over everything.  This way you can still see a faint version of the colors and texture along with your writing on top.


  1. awesome and yet i must confess i’m confused to how they work? you covered the dry erase board – how… does the marker come off?

  2. Thanks Stacy! You just make a big collage piece that goes in a regular picture frame, under the glass and then you write on top of the glass. It wipes off peachy–I tried it! šŸ™‚

  3. I’m so doing this project this week! Thanks for sharing

  4. Jill Yarnelle says

    I LOVE this project! I’ve got a son going to college next fall, so maybe I can make one with masculine stuff for a guy. Great idea!

  5. Great idea! Frames are so versatile for stuff like this. I recently made an organizer for my earrings out of a frame from the dollar store! Here’s the link if you’re interested:
    Good idea about going to second hand stores too. I bet you could find some interesting frames there. I’d love to see your final version with the ivory paint. Please post!

  6. They look so nice and I’m bit impressed, still thingking on how this stuff do.:)

  7. Impressive blog!

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