Painted Memory Boxes


Someday I'm going to tell you all about how to start your own Crafty Book Club at your local library.  It's not hard, but I do have some tips and strategies.  In the mean time, let's cut straight to one of the projects I did for a CBC meet up.  Ok?   The project:  Sweet! Memory Boxes!


I run around snapping pics on my iPhone during the class and I apologize for the slight blurriness.  Ok, here's what you need:  Mod Podge, paint brushes in all sizes, Folk Art paints, scrapbook embellishments, flat back gems, memory boxes with glass lids (found at Michael's for $1).


Base coat the box however you like, then doodle around the lid, sponge, dry-brush to create layers.  There's no wrong way to do this!  You know me.


Then Mod Podge your paper embellishments on.  These are by K and Co.  I love all of their long strips because they wrap perfectly around the box's base.


This is what you end up with.  Pretty sweet, huh?  Or what about this one?


The frame boxes are cool because you can put special trinkets and such in side and they move around.  I love interactive elements!


Two hours later, there you have it!  This is a great craft to make with your children.  Have a super duper weekend!

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