Hello Saturday!

I awoke to the prettiest snow coming down around the cabin and pumped to do some chores around here.  Laundry especially.  I was heading down the stairs (outside) with an arm-load full and WHAM!  Next thing I know I am on my back!  Ugh.  It scared the silly outta me!   Then I laid there in shock assessing the situation, and here comes the throbbing on my lower back and arm.  So I roll over, LOL, leave all laundry behind and crawl up the stairs into the warmth. I remember thanking the sweet Lord I wasn't hurt over and over…feeling dizzy…and the sting of cold…and promising I would be more cautious, salting the stairs and then…more dizziness and heat and then…I fainted.  It was crazy!  Why did I faint?  I have no idea.  But, I'm here and awake now, blogging with Sleepless in Seattle playing in the background and it's Saturday, so life is good!  Stiff, but good.  It is in these moments that a LOUD AND CLEAR familiar voice inside my head says, "you better take a couple aspirin."  My mother's and so I did.  Moving on. 


Do you ever go to the thrift store or flea market?  It's one of my favorite places to buy stuff to paint on.  This is a little heart mirror I got for a quarter.  Actually, once upon a time there were three and they spelled Peace, Love and Joy with Scrabble letters.  They were cute.  The other two found good homes.  When you are on the prowl for pieces to transform, go for the non-varnished/shiny ones.  You don't have to sand them first that way and can jump straight into painting.  This one was base coated green and then topped off with two coats of Extreme Glitter.  The letters were glued on with Dazzle Tac.   Mod Podge Rocks has all kinds of ideas for revamping thrifted finds. I think you'll love it.

Ok.  Sigh.  Momma's off to shower and find a stiff drink to loosen up this stiff back.  LOL.  Kidding, but maybe later… it is Saturday and all.

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