Valentine’s Tree


Growing up, I remember my mom having a tree for every holiday from Christmas thru Easter.  They were similar to this one.  A small branch that she painted white (one year with shoe polish which must have taken forever!) and planted in a flower pot full of gravel, then swadled in lace or fabric.  If I remember right, putting up a Valentine tree might have been an activity we did on a snow day.  Mom made little ornaments from lace doilies and paper valentines.  This white branch was my Christmas tree this year.  I wasn't quite ready to take it down because it's been a bright spot in all the slush of winter so I converted it to a Valentine tree.

Hobby Lobby has little heart ornaments that I tied scraps of red fabric to.  The red birds were Christmas ornaments from Dollar General.  And because one can never have enough scraps, I tied pink ric-rac to the branches.  It's a sweet little tree.  I hope you like it . Speaking of sweet, I watched Herb and Dorothy last night.  If you love art and a good love story—watch it!

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