A tip and a treat…


Girl-jewelry here finally got smart.  Instead of immersing a thousand shiny copper beads into the liver of sulphur solution, straining, rinsing and pouring into the tumbler full of a kagillion pieces of tiny steel shot followed by days worth of picking through the shot to find them….she opted to string them first.  Hello….McFly!!!  I tell ya, sometimes… (picture me shaking my head back and forth in astonishment at my stupidity).  

Second, a treat.  Do you ever finish every single bite on your plate and feel just full enough?  Not like sick, stuffed full, but instead so ABSOLUTELY satisfied?  That was me this morning.  It may have been that I was eating with my two favorite colors, aqua and red or maybe it was because  I whipped up a small batch of french toast.  The milk even had to take one for the coffee team for this French toast but it was worth it!  Ever since I watched the documentary on Shopsins, I've been hungry for pancakes and soup and strange breakfast creations.  This one isn't so strange, but it sounds nice and cheery.  The snow is coming down crazy time.  I'm off to make stuff.  Cozy day to you…

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